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The Phytus Institute is an organization that has been working for over 20 years in the generation and sharing of knowledge for Agribusiness. Throughout its trajectory, it has built a solid work structure.

Always in search of new technologies and work methodologies, its centers plan and carry out actions in an integrated manner. Its services are aimed at different segments of Agribusiness and, therefore, it develops customized projects for each client. All with the creativity and dedication that innovative solutions deserve, aiming to cultivate excellent results.


Generate and transfer knowledge in an innovative way through sustainable integration between its areas of expertise.


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Brief History

Founded in 1999, under the name of C&R Assessorias Ltda., the current Phytus Institute arose from the need to develop research on soybean diseases and generate more efficient mechanisms for the generation and transfer of information to agribusiness audiences.

2008 was an important year, we obtained MAPA accreditation for the Experimental Station of Itaara/RS, allowing research in the field of Phytopathology. This year, the Phytus Institute recommends the anticipation of applications for the growing period in soybean: control of target spot, anthracnose and molasses.

2010 was the year in which the Experimental Station of Itaara/RS obtained accreditation from MAPA for research in the areas of Entomology and Herbology.

In 2011 we had the foundation of the Experimental Station of Planaltina/DF. The following year, the beginning of work in the areas of Nematology, Seed Protection and Microbiology.

In 2013, the Phytus Institute, in a vanguard work, pointed out the risks and the correct positioning of Strubilurins + Carboxamides in the soybean crop.

In 2014 the company obtained MAPA accreditation for the Experimental Station of Planaltina/DF for research in the areas of Phytopathology, Entomology and Herbology, the expansion of experimental areas in Rio Grande do Sul and the beginning of work in the area of Biotechnology.

Today, with extensive experience and a multidisciplinary team, it guarantees the quality and credibility of the information generated, data that guide the efficiency of the services provided, aiming at excellence and the satisfaction of our final customer.

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Experimental Station of Itaara-RS

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